Speedport W701V

OK Ladies, I’ve got a Speedport W701V. I looks almost the same like the Speedport W700V I had a few days ago, but under the hood it is completly different. The Speedport W700V is a bunch of crap, and the W701V an AVM OEM product.

Yesterday night I googled and read and read and tried, and thanks to the great work of Spirou I was able to flash the Speedport with the AVM branding. With that I am able to use many functions that are available but hidden because of the T-COM branding. I.e. I can tell the DSL Router, that it should not act as a router, but use an existing internet connection already. That enables me to connect my phone to the speedport and set up the sipgate client and… voila :-D


I’ll put the switch away now, as the Speedport has one integrated, ah, and WLAN is available now as well (though i have no device to use it with ATM). Cool :-D

If I had a lot of money

I think I would be an owner of an iPhone really soon! I just looked at the guided tour video and it is really awsome from its features! The only problem IMHO is the price. And it becomes usefull first, if you use a Mac at home, if you use iTunes and so on. Quite awsome but I don’t have the money…

But what I have, is a fast internet connection ;-) I downloaded the guided tour video from the Apple homepage, and take a look at the speed. Pretty nice :-)


(beryl screenshot function rocks!)