apt/aptitude: Was die Buchstaben vorne beim Paketstatus bedeuten

Vieles kennt man ja. Was „h“ war musste ich grad nachlesen und weil die Übersicht so praktisch ist kopiere ich sie mir hierher damit ich sie in Zukunft besser finde

The first character is the package’s current state. The second character is the action which will be taken on the package. The third character indicates whether the package was automatically installed, and the fourth character indicates whether the package is trusted.

Values of the „current state“ flag

  • i – the package is installed and all its dependencies are satisfied.
  • c – the package was removed, but its configuration files are still present.
  • p – the package and all its configuration files were removed, or the package was never installed.
  • v – the package is virtual.
  • B – the package has broken dependencies.
  • u – the package has been unpacked but not configured.
  • C – half-configured: the package’s configuration was interrupted.
  • H – half-installed: the package’s installation was interrupted.

Values of the „action“ flag

  • i – the package will be installed.
  • u – the package will be upgraded.
  • d – the package will be deleted: it will be removed, but its configuration files will remain on the system.
  • p – the package will be purged: it and its configuration files will be removed.
  • h – the package will be held back: it will be kept at its current version, even if a newer version becomes available, until the hold is cancelled.
  • F – An upgrade of the package has been forbidden.
  • r – the package will be reinstalled.
  • B – the package is “broken”: some of its dependencies will not be satisfied. aptitude will not allow you to install, remove, or upgrade anything while you have broken packages.

Quelle: http://algebraicthunk.net/~dburrows/projects/aptitude/doc/en/ch02s02s02.html#figureActionFlag