Some time ago I went home picking some stuff up, doing some computer things. During that time I figured out, that I am not interested anymore in looking after all that computerprobs there. The infrastructure grew when I was arround and wanted to play with it. Now where I am not at home anymore, it is quite hard to maintain, installing all the security updates on the server, looking after the harddisks, fixing stuff… As well many things are not needed anymore. I want something easy to install, easy to use, easy to maintain.

To give a short overview over the situation:

First of all there are two networks. A private one and one for the business. Both have a different ADSL internet provider and connection. In the business network there are two computers. In the private network there are 5 computers, and two more when my sisters are arround. From the 5 stationary ones is one the „server“ including routing, file storage and print-server. The functionality will stay, but it shall be extended to have a backup-possibillity as well.

Here my plan in words:


  • The DSL-Router acts as DHCP-Server, Firewall, Router.
  • The two computer are simple workstations in a network.
  • The printer is shared as a network printer via one PC
  • Data exchange and Backup via flashed Linksys NSLU2 and one, maybe 2 HDDs (Backup, mirroring)


  • The DSL-Router acts as DHCP-Server, Firewall, Router, W-LAN Accesspoint
  • The 4 computers are simple workstations in a network
  • The printer is shared via a printserver i.e. the D-Link 301U
  • File Storage via a flashed NSLU2 and 2 HDDs (i.e. Western Digital Elements 500GB)

Now where we have some computer problems at home and I had to shutdown the server and to route via the dsl-modem this thoughts are comeing back in my mind. I don’t want to spend hours and hours on the phone trying to give support. I want a simple, easy to use, secure solution. I think I will write a detailed plan soon to propose…


/me... prego!

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