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  • Set system time via ntpdate // get rid of daemons!

    I don’t like to have daemons listening on the systems I am responsible for. This is the reason why I check periodically all systems with netstat -tulpen to see what processes are actually listening, look if they are needed and may be bound to localhost only. I used to set the system time via ntpd, […]

  • HowTo: readable booleans on MySQL/MariaDB SELECT …

    I often need to work in a database on the command line. Booleans are not displayed in an intuitive way. I mean this: There is a simple trick that helps me to read it much better: cast it to an integer. This is done by adding +0 to the boolean column:

  • MySQL – Show open connections and processes

    Einmal an die eigene Notizwand gekritzelt: MySQL Verbindungen + weitere Verbindungsrelevante Infos anzeigen: root@localhost [(none)]> show status like ‚%onn%‘; +————————–+——–+ | Variable_name | Value | +————————–+——–+ | Aborted_connects | 0 | | Connections | 440921 | | Max_used_connections | 67 | | Ssl_client_connects | 0 | | Ssl_connect_renegotiates | 0 | | Ssl_finished_connects | 0 […]

  • #WorldBackupDay

    Der 31. März ist WorldBackupDay. Hab ich dieses Jahr das erste mal von gehört, aber es direkt zum Anlass genommen endlich mal das zu machen was ich sowieso schon lange machen wollte: Speicher gekauft Backup auf neues Puppet-Modul umgestellt Alle verbliebenen Maschinen ins Backup eingepflegt Guter Tag!