Dealing with Images

I worked a bit with image files the last time. First I gotta say, that K3B really rocks. Burning ISO-Files no problem ever! Then I found fuseiso at the web. Together with kfuseiso it is something I don’t want to miss anymore on my system. Mounting ISO-Files via clickiclicki is nice :-)

Today I got a *.daa file and I was not able to burn or to mount it. Thanks to poweriso (in portage available as well, needs to be unmasked from ~x86) it is really simple to convert daa files to iso i.e.:

poweriso convert file.daa -o file.iso -ot iso

To be continued…


CD Image Conversion is a good place. IAT seems to bee good. MagicISO works as well using CrossOverOffice and conversion to bin/cue and later via vcdgear -bin2mpg does a good job.


/me... prego!

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